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"Devil's Sockpuppet"



  • Date: 2020
  • Medium: Acrylics on Canvas Panel
  • Size: 11 X 14 inches
  • Artist's Concept:

"Devil's Sockpuppet" is a warning for people to stay alert for the Devil’s cunning enticements that would lead them to ruin.

The Devil aka Lucifer, the fallen angel and author of lies, is known in Christianity and in the Bible to roam the Earth seeking souls to devour.

The artist portrays this enticement by a being holding up a relatively innocent and whimsical looking sock-puppet. The puppet is slightly burnt- indicating a minor level of danger but for the most part is in relatively good shape- the lure is masquerading the true danger.

The being who is manipulating the puppet is not seen except for the wrist which is badly scorched with 3rd-degree burns.

The artist is showing that people's notions of "the devil"as the red-horned, red tailed being that likes to party may be a ruse. Underneath the puppet, there is something much more sinister and dangerous.

The overall message is if you play with fire, you are bound to be blinded and get burned- symbolized by the ash, smoke and lake of fire in the background.

  • Part of "The Road to Damascus" Series


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