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Twilight Campfire


Original acrylic painting on 18X24 Stretched Canvas.

It has a clear Top Coat Finish for sealant and protection from dust and UVs.

Comes with Signed Certificate of Authenticity.

When I first started painting this piece, I wasn't exactly sure where I was going. I wanted it to portray how I felt when I was young and went on my first camping trip with my youth group.

I remember camping was always exciting- being out in the woods away from the chaos of the city. I recall having a great campfire. I mean it was huge and you could probably feel the heat against you 5 to 6 feet away. I may have been and still may be bias, but there's something absolutely magical about a twilight campfire. Cuddling around the heat of the flames in front of you while feeling the cold, damp wind behind you. Seeing its light cast shadows around the trees and tents nearby almost like they're playing a game of chase with each other. Hearing the cracking of the firewood and how can you forget the smell and taste of roasted marshmellows?

But my favorite part of camping was always laying back and watching the blue and purple night sky littered with bright, glowing stars that seem like twinkling raindrops falling down, as though you could catch one in the palm of your hand. You don't see that many stars in the city. Yes, the twilight campfire is pure magic and I hope that you feel that too.

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