Creativity takes courage

⛧Michael Detrevni 

Fine art Acrylic paintings

Cremation Portraits of your Loved One..

"Having a Cremation Portrait made is a unique way to remember your loved ones 

with a lasting memorial to cherish through art."

I create vibrant, beautiful images that capture the essence of your loved one using photos and information about the deceased given to me by you.

All cremation portraits are created using the cremains (ashes) from your deceased loved one. A small portion is added as a base to the acrylic paints. 

A small amount of cremains (1oz) must be sent to the artist via mail.

Cremation Portraits are single person (or pet) portraits and are painted on a 11X14 stretched canvas or canvas panel (family's choice) and cost $250 upfront due to the nature of the work. Paintings can be in color or black/white.

Once the painting is complete, the painting is coated with a high quality varnish to protect it from wear, UV's and dust for at least 100 years.

All paint brushes, napkins, palettes (anything that comes in contact with the cremains) is mailed back in a sealed bag along with the unused remainder of cremains and the completed portrait.  

This is done out of respect for the deceased loved one and your family.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.